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Treasure map


Shimane's natural treasure map

What is Shimane's Natural Treasure Map?

Shimane Prefecture has two national parks and XNUMX prefectural natural parks, including Daisen-Oki National Park.
There are many other beautiful natural landscapes and habitats for precious flora and fauna.
"Shimane's Natural Treasure MAP" is a map of these areas.

Shimane's natural treasure map

From scenic spots that represent Shimane Prefecture to slightly minor hidden spots, we have compiled a map of the natural treasures that Shimane Prefecture is proud of.
For those who have a fixed destination, it is convenient to introduce the highlights by "area", and for those who want to go around according to the theme, it is convenient to introduce the highlights by "purpose".
Shimane Prefecture has more natural treasures that are not listed in this MAP.
If you find your own secret spot, it may be your best treasure.
Now, let's use MAP as a navigator to explore the treasures of Shimane !!

By area

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By purpose